Got Questions?

What’s Christianity all about?
In short, Christianity is all about Jesus. But what does that mean?

For a start, it doesn’t mean that it’s all about doing our best to copy Jesus’ example, as if Jesus is just another religious leader with a self-help plan for us. Although Jesus did teach and call us to listen to him, his message wasn’t saying that we get hope by trying to copy his compassionate lifestyle.

Jesus is more than a political revolutionary or a moral guide for life.

Jesus claimed to be God, which he proved by his miracles. He also said he had come to be the Rescuer we need.

Jesus said we need a Rescuer because the problems in our lives are the effects of a bigger problem: we have broken our relationship with God. Our relationship with God was broken when mankind first decided to live without God being most important to us. Even in the present day, although God has been so loving to us and we owe our very existence to him, we still live in His world as if we’re in charge and have little thought for God.

The problem we face …

God is our loving, caring Maker. So, rejecting him has cut us off from the source of life and love. That’s why life in this world is going wrong, and we face being justly punished for how we have treated him.

But Jesus is the good news we need. He can rescue us and restore our broken relationship with God. Because he died on the cross as a substitute to pay the penalty for things people have done wrong, he can pay for what we’ve done wrong against God, so we can be completely forgiven. And because he rose alive again, he can give us that permanent relationship with God that we need.

So, you will be saved if you are truly sorry to God and rely only on Jesus to pay for your sins and to make things right between you and God. If you ask Jesus to save you like this, you will then be back in relationship with your Maker and source of life and love.

The great thing about Christianity …

The great thing about Christianity is that God has made the way for us to come back to him – all we need to do is receive it as a gift through Jesus. God isn’t saying that the way to him is by trying harder at being good to get heaven. All this is truly great news because we can never be good enough or contribute anything towards saving ourselves. In fact, there is no other way to be saved – not through any other religion, philosophy or good behaviour.

Have you thought about how much you need Jesus?

Ask your questions

We recommend that you join one of our courses that explore Christianity. They run for 10 sessions and give you opportunity to read for yourself what Jesus said and to ask questions to the course leader.  Our next course will be starting soon after Easter 2017.   If you’re interested in coming along, get in touch to let us know and we’ll let you know more information.

If you’d like to get started on your own, we recommend you take a look at the Christianity Explored website.  It has some helpful videos and answers to tough questions.

You are also very welcome to join us at any of our Sunday services where you can hear the Bible being taught.  You will also meet people who can tell you what difference Jesus makes in their lives.