Christianity Explored

Do you have big questions about life?  Do you want to find out for yourself what Christianity is all about?  If so, ‘Christianity Explored’ is just right for you.

This interactive course will help you investigate who Jesus is and why he is at the heart of the Christian faith.  It also gives opportunity to see what answers the Bible gives to the questions of life.

The course lasts 10 sessions and each session includes some time to look at what Mark’s gospel says about Jesus, before then watching a short, engaging talk for discussion.  You get to ask your own questions and join in the discussions, or you can simply sit and listen. We aim to make each session relaxed and informal so that you don’t feel under pressure.

Times and venues are chosen to suit whoever is interested in attending. So, please contact Hugh if you’re interested and we’ll try to arrange a meeting that will be convenient for you.